Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The lustrous Pearl History in hyderabad

The Pearl Culture of Hyderabad
Who hasn't heard of the soft, rounded, lustrous, tear drop pearl of Hyderabad? People form everywhere flock here to possess a few of these pearls. Strange that there is no sea anywhere near the city. Yet it has become almost synonymous with quality pearls. Well, read on the pearl story .....

Hyderabad was a princely state and a very rich one too! The royal patronage ensured flourishing of arts, crafts and cuisine. The affluent lifestyle beckoned many a craftsman from distant parts of the world, especially the Arabian Gulf where the rare original pearls are found in abundance. Hence, Hyderabad became the one-stop-destination for pearls. There is an entire street which only comprises of pearl shops named - Patther Gatti.

The Pearl in Hyderabad Today
Jewelers in the pearl markets of Hyderabad have for centuries combined pearls with the glitter of gold, the richness of rubies and the ecstasy of emeralds. It is indeed amazing and heartwarming to see traditional designs still surviving the march of history in the narrow alleys of the Old City today.

Several styles of ornaments using pearls evolved along with the pearl trade. The 'Satlada' and 'Panchlada Haar' are seven and five stringed necklaces. They are often interspersed with emeralds or onyx beads set in nine carat gold. Earrings such as 'Karanphool' and 'Cholaphool', set with uncut diamonds and pearls, are also very popular among the ladies of the city. The pearl markets of the city also offer unlimited varieties of chokers and lockets. The last few decades have witnessed a gradual influence of western designs on the Hyderabadi pearl market. However, the City of Pearls has retained it's luster...

The Bangle Bazaar

In the land of beautiful women, beautiful poetry, beautiful cuisine and beautiful pearls, add one more to the beautiful string, i.e. the breathtaking bangles. Down the centuries, the lure of bangles still draws millions of women who love to adorn their arms with a dazzling set of Hyderabadi bangles. There are about 450 shops flanking either side of the world famous Charminar with around 2,500 craftsmen molding their magic around your arms.

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